22 April 2016

remembering rhythms

The sound of the jackhammer interrupted us.

Damn project that will never end in the room below.

We'd been washing dishes and shooting the shit.  

He went from relaxed to nervous.

He noticed that I noticed.

I was never good at war. 

I'm glad to know it, I'd be worried if you were good at it.

He laughed, a bit.

There's people who are good at it.

I'd rather not meet them.  They don't sound like my kinda people.

Ha.  No Mat-chew, they's definitely not your kinda people. 

I put my hand on his shoulder.

The only battle we have to deal with today is piles of trays and plates.

Maybe for you.

I looked down.  How stupid. 

Okay, yeah, that was a lie.  I wish I could just wash dishes.

Me too.

He looked straight at me. 

We both felt the vibration in the floor. 

He grinned.

A'least now it's not just my hands shaken!

I laughed. 

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